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RPM Announces New Website
Reach the People Ministries (RPM) launched its web site on Saturday, September 1, 2007, with a fresh new look. rpmread more

Kunsu Project Report - (video report)
We took the Gospel of Christ to 16 towns and villages in the Kunsu District, near Dwinyama in the Ashanti Region. rpmread more

Church Planting
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School Ministry
Reaching Africa's youth with the Salvation message of God
Mercy Missions
Medical Missions, Bible distributions, Used Clothing distributions, etc
Mission Training
Leadership and Discipleship training


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Celebrating 20 years. A look back.

School Ministry: Through our school ministry program, thousands of lives have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

School Ministry
During mission projects, we visit primary and secondary schools and minister to students at Morning Assembly sessions. We present these children with the Gospel and urge them to follow the footsteps of Jesus. We also raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS menace and preach the benefits of abstinence until marriage.

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Leadership and Discipleship Training LEADERSHIP & DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING

Evangelism through drama skits with YWAM DTS students
Drama skit..

School children assemble and listen to the word of God.
Morning assembly..

John Booker (Solomon Larbi provides interpretation) preaches to school children and shares the simple salvation message with them. - Coaltar in the Eastern Region, Ghana
Indoor assembly...

John Booker ministers to the children gathered in this classroom
John Booker ministering...

Sharing a message of love that is simple enough for these children to immediately grasp.
Upper East Region, Ghana

The pupils sit back and watch demonstrations as part of the salvation message.
Practical demonstrations..

Eugene shares the salvation message with these children in an indoor morning assembly
Sharing the good news

Effective question & answer sessions increase participation from the children. This style of approach grabs their interest and attention throughout the morning assembly.
Interactive session

Eugene preaches to the children in this outdoor assembly.
Outdoor assembly..

In our missionary journeys, we come across many school building structures as weak as the one in this picture.
School building

At this morning assembly, the school children listen to Eugene as he shares John 3:16 with them
Sharing John 3:16

As effective missionaries, we use different adaptation styles of the salvation message to capture the interest and attention of audiences (young and old).
Attentive to the Gospel

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)
Rev.Tom, Central Region

Rev. Tom Anderson of Alabame ministering to school children in first grade through to the sixth grade.
Rev. Tom Anderson

Gabriel speaks to the kids about the advantages of staying in school and living life in obedience to the Bible
Gabriel ministering

Children watch and learn as we use picture books to accompany narration of Bible stories
Illustrations and picture-books

We also visit Secondary Schools in Ghana and minister unto the students.
Secondary school classroom.

Eugene speaks to pupils and teachers about Jesus and his love to all mankind
Outdoor morning assembly.

Werner & Regula Stutz from Switzerland. We always make sure to pray for the children and minister unto them through prayer before we depart.
Werner & Regula Stutz

In our visits to the local schools, we always raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS disease and preach abstinence as the best way to avoid the disease.
HIV/AIDS Awareness..

We motivate these young adults to build honest and unselfish characters and above all, to pray everyday.
"Say no to drugs"..

We preach the benefits of sexual abstinence before marriage. We advice these young students to avoid promiscious sexual behaviour in order to reduce the chances of contracting the HIV/AIDS virus and more importantly, to practice sexual purity in obedience to the Bible.
"Say no to premarital sex"

Creating a brighter future for Africa by reaching african youth with the Love and Salvation Message of God.
Listening to the Word of God

We pray together with the school children and lead them through the sinners prayer.
Altar call..

More often than not, School Principals(Head-Teachers) of the schools we visit, also sit in and listen to the Word of God.
School Principal

Creating a bright future for the African Continent by reaching the future leaders of tomorrow.
School Assembly

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