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Celebrating 20 years. A look back.

January - March 2007 Newsletter

April - June 2007    click here to download expanded PDF Version


As we wake up each dawn to welcome the gift of a new day in 2007, we take a look back in time and celebrate the experiences and events that we have undertaken over the past 20 years of full-time missionary work. As we take stock of our twenty-year journey in Ministry, we have seen the greatness of God in supplying our needs. Our Lord has been so faithful to our family and our team of volunteer missionaries.

Our partnership with you has contributed immensely in winning a lot of souls and transforming many lives for Christ. Many of the converts have matured tremendously over the course of time. Some of the converts have even become pastors and leaders of various local churches. Many school children have benefited from our HIV/AIDS awareness campaign and others are still holding on to their faith in Christ Jesus and attending Sunday School regularly.

By collaborating with Bible-believing churches, our outreaches have yielded fruitful results that have left positive marks in many communities that we have ministered the Gospel. Many have been baptized and many more have become members of local congregations. We bless the name of the Lord for achieving these results through our labor in His kingdom business.

Our mission outreach events have brought revivals to churches in the communities we ministered to and have helped the numerical and spiritual growth in many congregations. We are grateful to the Lord for the strategy He has given us to affect lives wherever we go and talk about Jesus.

Our outreach this quarter took us to Kwadaso South district near Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region, where we collaborated with the local churches in some communities. The Lord worked through us to lead lots of lost souls to Himself. Praise be to His Holy name.

The rains came in to disturb some of our projects and made our outreaches impossible in some of the communities. We all enjoyed good health throughout our current project.

We visited 20 schools and ministered to over 3,006 children with 1775 responding to the altar call. Our film crusades also brought an estimated audience of over 6,600 people with over 2,300 responding to accept Christ Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior. We thank God for this result. We had two seminars, but there we did not plant any new church. Our total church planting stands at 160 in our 20 years of ministry.

The table below describes the result of our activities for April to June.


No. of Events



Film Crusade




School Ministry












We will take a few weeks to rest and go back to the field after the major rainy season. Continue to pray with us for a season of refreshing as we rest and get ready for the second half of this year.

There is no more rewarding endeavor in ministry than seeing others, many of whom have never heard the Gospel, respond to the message of Jesus Christ.

The second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is so close. We need to do our part as co-laborers faithfully and effectively. There are presently nearly 6.5 billion people living in the world. Thousands of people die each day without ever hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our time on this earth is short, and getting shorter every day. It is our duty as Christians to help spread the Salvation Message and explain it well to others through the use of our various talents, spiritual gifts and resources. There are so many people whom Jesus wants to reach out to, and He wants to do it through you.

Apostle E. K. Barabu, the Church of Pentecost Area Head in Kwadaso, in Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, testifies that our ministry is unique and has positively affected the different denominations in all the villages and towns we have visited. Many who have stopped going to church and other lukewarm Christians, have started attending church regularly and new members have been added to some of the congregations. Some nominal Christians have repented and are now serious with their church activities. He said the body of Christ is benefiting from our programs and he prays that we get regular support to help us go to all the hinterlands of the country with our method of presenting the salvation message to all. Apostle Barabu continues to encourage us and has taken it upon himself to recommend our ministry to many other church leaders so they can also use us to bring revival to their areas.

A 53-year-old middle age-woman, called Lariba, is a northerner hails from Fumbisi, near Sandama in the Upper East Region in Ghana. She and her family migrated to the Ashanti Region to engage in peasant farming. Though they came from a Muslim- dominated community, they remained pagans. Lariba responded to the altar call and said the sinner’s prayer to invite Jesus into her heart.

She is regular in almost all church activities. As she continues to celebrate her new found faith openly, her life style has become a talk of the town. She said she is praying for her alcoholic husband to be convicted by the Holy Spirit so he can also surrender his life to Christ to be saved. She has also promised to witness to her three daughters who are in different communities with their husbands.

Kwabena Boakye, about 59 years of age, was a palm wine taper and an alcoholic. He said he was touched by the salvation message and therefore, decided to take a decision to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He has put an end to his drinking habit and has also stopped the palm wine tapping to do farming.

Kwabena Afari was a marijuana (wee) smoker and at the same time an alcoholic. He said all these habits have passed away and that he affirms that he is a new creature and will use his body as a living sacrifice to witness to his fellow drunkards to come to know the Lord.

Edu Sarkordie, 51 years, from Nsutem near Dwinyama, was born into a family of Jehovah’s witnesses. He had convinced lots of people to join the sect. He became an alcoholic and finally gave up his faith as a Jehovah Witness. He got converted during our January project and has since become a committed Christian. He is now a member of the local Church of Pentecost. He said now that he knows the truth, he is going all out to witness to get lost souls to Christ.

Yaw Opoku, 42 years, was challenged by Sarkordie’s conversion and said if Sarkordie has been accepted by Christ, then he would also surround his life to Jesus Christ. He prayed to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior and has also joined the Church of Pentecost in the village. Opoku and Sarkordie are determined to do effective evangelism to get their folks into the church.

God willing, our next outreach will take us to Kunsu district, near Dwinyama in the Ashanti Region. We will be based at Mankranso and work in the surrounding villages. We are still trusting God to receive some tools that will be helpful to our ministry. Please continue to stand with us in prayer.

We are still trusting the Lord to replace our old 4x4 double cabin Toyota truck. Also, some of our urgent needs are a 220-240 volts electric generator, some powerful full range speaker boxes, a powerful amplifier and cordless microphones. We are also believing in the Lord for a cinema van (a container-built truck) for our projects. It is much safer to carry all of our equipment in a container vehicle, especially considering our remote mission fields.

We are a FAITH- BASED ministry. Our budget funds are realized only through the gifts of our friends and partners like you, who believe in what we are doing. Pray with us for the Lord to raise individuals, who will support this ministry on a regular basis. We pray that you will be part of our mission work, if you are not already involved. God bless you for having a heart for missions.

We Hope to hear from you soon.

Yours in His Vineyard,


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