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RPM Announces New Website
Reach the People Ministries (RPM) launched its web site on Saturday, September 1, 2007, with a fresh new look. rpmread more

Kunsu Project Report - (video report)
We took the Gospel of Christ to 16 towns and villages in the Kunsu District, near Dwinyama in the Ashanti Region. rpmread more

Church Planting
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School Ministry
Reaching Africa's youth with the Salvation message of God
Mercy Missions
Medical Missions, Bible distributions, Used Clothing distributions, etc
Mission Training
Leadership and Discipleship training


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Celebrating 20 years. A look back.

Mercy Missions

Mercy Missions
Free Bibles, Used Clothing & Shoes, Medical Clinics, etc., provided through donations, enable us to add a layer of compassion and love to the Salvation message that we take to the unreached villages. There is room for tremendous growth in this area of service so we invite you to consider how you can be a part of this noble venture.

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Leadership and Discipleship Training LEADERSHIP & DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING

Eugene takes delivery of Bibles at the Bible Society of Ghana. These locally translated Bibles were purchased with funds generously provided by supporters
Taking delivery of Bibles

Emma (Eugene's wife) helps distribute Bibles and other Christian literature to new converts. - Volta Region, Ghana
Bible distribution..

Emma (holding Bibles) prepares to distribute Bibles to the new converts. All these Bibles are provided for with funds from our generous supporters.
More Bibles ..

Recipients of the free Bibles are grateful and very thankful.
Grateful and happy

New converts and new church members receive copies of the Bible in their own native language.
Everyone receives a copy

Emma provides assistance on how to quickly find books, chapters, and verses in the Holy Bible.
Reading from the Bible

Gifts in Kind provided by World Vision International go a long way to meet demonstrated needs.
Gifts in Kind

Easy to read Bibles are made available to young children who desire to learn more about living a Christian life.
Children are not left out

Village church leader receives a blessing and an answer to his prayer. Shortly after expressing the NEED for a bicycle to help in his leadership role at a remote village near Suhum in the Eastern Region of Ghana, we received an answer from God in the form of funds from generous supporters in response to meet this NEED.
Answered NEED

Another village church leader takes delivery of an answered prayer request in the form of a bicycle. We are very touched by generosity of Christians who yield to the Holy Spirit and become blessings unto others.
Another answered prayer

Eugene presents bicycle to  leaders of the local village church.
And yet another miracle

Grateful and overjoyed for the answered prayer, Samuel Terkpeh(District Pastor of the Baptist Church at Asesewa in the Dangme North district) can barely contain his happiness as he receives this bicycle from Eugene
The ear-to-ear grin

Eugene hands over hospital supplies donation to the local hospital. Items include, clothes, gowns, bedsheets, sanitary items, etc that will come in handy at the hospital.
Hospital Supplies

Together with Calvary Baptist Church Medical Team, we reach unreached people and share the Salvation Love of God through Medical Mission projects at Awoshie in Accra.
Free medical clinic

Christian doctors, nurses, pharmacists, all come together under one roof to provide medical services and assistance to the sick and needy.
Caring for the sick

Medical Mission with CMRF: Medicines and drugs are provided to the sick through this makeshift pharmacy corner.
Pharmacy wing

Medical Missions with CRMF: We always encounter long lines of people from far and near patiently waiting to be attended to.
Queue formation outside

Medical Missions with CRMF: A general look at the crowds gathered and patiently waiting to be attended to.
Medical Mission

Eugene provides assistance with the choir robes.
Choir robe donation

Members of the local church choir try on the donated choir robes.
Choristers try on robes

Choristers pose in a group picture to show their new uniforms.
Choir robes

Happy children try on new shoes. Shoes that they can now wear to school and Church
Trying on new shoes

Recipients try on used clothing gifts collected through donations and used-clothing drives.
Used Clothing Donation

Recipients select size fitting clothing items
New and used clothing

Happy to receive a few articles of clothing
Happy recipient

Volunteers lend a helping hand in unloading boxes full of shoes and clothing.
Truck full of shoes & clothing

Eugene joins the excited children as they wave their gift packets.
Gift packets

Trying on footwear.
Used shoes

Everyone leaves with something new
Shoes & Clothes

Eugene lends a helping hand and suggests clothing articles to match size.
Matching sizes

These Keds Loafers were provided by World Vision International.
New Keds Loafers

Eugene helps this young man try on this clothing article.
Trying on attire

Eugene checks to make sure the shorts will fit this young recipient.
Checking size

Used shoes and clothing are received from Christians like you. These clothing items serve as blessings unto the people that receive them.
Joy of giving

Needy children of all ages are blessed with shoes and used clothing.
"It's yours"

Checking shoe sizes to get one for this school child
Checking shoe sizes

This young man tries on this shoe with the help of Solomon and Eugene.
Trying on shoe

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. (Hebrews 6:10)
"Thank you"

Happy recipients display clothing items.
Hebrews 6:10

Solomon picks out a size fitting shoe for this young girl.
Solomon picks out shoe

At Reach the People Ministries we make sure that donated articles go to the needy who can hardly afford these clothing items.
Shirts, Trousers,Skirts..

Everyone is happy and overjoyed
All smiles

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