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RPM Announces New Website
Reach the People Ministries (RPM) launched its web site on Saturday, September 1, 2007, with a fresh new look. rpmread more

Kunsu Project Report - (video report)
We took the Gospel of Christ to 16 towns and villages in the Kunsu District, near Dwinyama in the Ashanti Region. rpmread more

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Celebrating 20 years. A look back.

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Since our inception, the underlying vision in all our endeavors is to glorify God and to make our Lord Jesus Christ known to all people; especially those in the remote and hinterland areas. Twenty years is but a blink of an eye in the course of history, but in that brief span of time, many lives have been changed and many more have come to know the Lord due to our obedience to go. This page provides you with brief look back in time.

1987 - 1991
Our beginnings were marked with many challenges and opportunities as Eugene worked incessantly to bring this vision to life. To prepare himself and RPM for long term fulltime missions, Eugene immersed himself into mission training and service with YWAM DTS, Campus Crusade, Ghana Evangelism Committee, College of World Missions, etc. To gain greater insight, Eugene frequently (for extended periods at a time) embedded himself into rural life in order to gain a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the human dynamics that exist in these remote places. Through the early journeys, Eugene often wrestled with illness, scarce financial resources and a host of discouraging elements on the way to spread the Gospel. Not once did he turn his back... he pressed on like a true soldier...
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Eugene receiving Bible School graduation certificate. Board members of Reach the People Ministries. This push-truck was an essential means of transport from village to village in the early days of RPM.
To raise funds for village churches Eugene sometimes had to explore a wide variety of ingenious fund-raising ideas. In this picture, Eugene(in front) and other volunteer workers fetch forest wood that is later proccessed into charcoal and sold for needed funds that meet needs at these village churches. - Volta Region Eugene realized at a very early stage that an effective way of evangelizing to people begins with a total immersion into their lives. In this picture, Eugene assists in food preparation as he evangelizes to this family. Eugene spends time with them on their farms and assists with harvesting crops.
Early days of RPM. Eugene sets up this projector screen with creative ingenuity by using calico cloth, bamboo sticks, etc. Eugene in action at film crusade. Open Market Evangelism: Eugene prays for crowds who gather in response to the altar call at an open-air market evangelism project.

1992 - 1996
Eugene continued to spread the Gospel with missionaries and churches from far and near who enjoyed working with Eugene and learning from his insights into missions.

The importance of reliable transportation became apparent at this point as we ventured further inland to spread the Word. We increasingly became aware of how transportation played a key role in sending the Gospel. We relied on rented vans, and a used VW Beetle for traveling and quickly realized how "city-vehicles" were incapable against the demanding terrain of remote regions. So we prayed to God with a request: a capable 4X4 truck that can plow through the rugged roads with relative ease. We asked God to work through His faithful servants to meet this need.
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Better transportation and equipment: RPM moved from depending on unreliable transportation (push-truck, rented vans, etc) to using this VW Beetle in taking the Gospel to the hinterland areas. In this picture, personal effects and mission equipment are getting packed into VW Beetle in the background. Eugene having a chat with Rev. Mack Kearney and GHI staff. Eugene and volunteer staff facing challenges on the road as they try to push a rented mini-bus out of its stuck position in the muddy road.
Foothill Community Church Team from Colorado, USA YWAM DTS team and Eugene hike through mountains to reach villages inaccessible by vehicles to preach the Gospel. Village Evangelism: Eugene and Rev. LeRoy Hassler sharing the Gospel.
YWAM DTS Team members, Eugene and other volunteers cross heavy flowing streams to take the Gospel to villages inaccessible by vehicles. Youth With A Mission DTS (1996) group picture. Youth With A Mission DTS (1995) Team group picture.

1997 - 2002
God answers prayers! Many years after seeking His face, God answered our prayer request for a capable 4X4 Truck through Ken & Kari Atkinson, supporters and friends of the Manthano Project.

The frequency of our mission projects increased as it became possible to venture as far inland as possible. The impact created by our decision to go to the remote regions became felt as entire villages came to know the Lord. To reach an even wider spectrum of people, especially children and youth, we started visiting primary and secondary schools to teach about Christ and also educate the youth about HIV/AIDS.
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Better Transportation and Equipment: Due to the extraordinary efforts of Ken & Kari Atkinson, and the entire Manthano Group from Georgia, RPM's big break through came in 1996 in the form of a double cabin 4X4 Pick-up truck which dramatically changed the way we travel. This one tool has enabled us to further take the Gospel deeper into the heart of the hinterland. Manthano Project group and friends from Georgia, Steve, Foster, Steve, Cynthia, etc, get ready for mission outreach. Bad roads are very manageable with the use of the 4X4 pickup truck.
On the way to the mission field with Manthano Project. RPM Team at Bulsa in the Upper East Region of Ghana. John Booker with Gospel Harvesters International, Texas preaches to School children during a school ministry program.
Steve Lane  of Georgia, USA lends a hand in church building construction. - Eastern Region, Ghana Eugene paints new church building together with church members and volunteers. Christian doctors, nurses, pharmacists, all come together with Calvary Baptist Church and RPM to provide medical services and assistance to the sick and needy.

2003 - 2007
We continue our partnership with other faithful Christian groups and Churches in spreading the Gospel. Through experience over the years RPM has developed into an efficient and well-organized missionary organization.

To date, we have preached the Gospel to audiences in over 1400 towns and villages, and in the process, have planted 160 Churches. Many young men and women in school are also now highly aware of the HIV/AIDS problem and the responsible lifestyle choices that prevent the risk of exposure to this disease. In addition, countless material needs have been met through our Mercy Missions.
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Volunteers lend a helping hand in unloading boxes full of shoes and clothing for gifts-in-kind distribution. Gabriel, Eugene, and Solomon in the mission field prepare to head out for film crusade. Eugene teaches these church leaders essential skills necessary for nurturing new converts and strengthening their churches.
School Ministry Program: Eugene speaks to these children about Jesus Christ. Through our Mercy ministry we distribute gifts-in-kind to those who need them the most. Rev. Prince Achin and Mrs. Grace Annan present gifts to YWAM DTS (1999) team and Eugene.
Rev. Mack Kearney of Gospel Harvesters International continues to be an invaluable partner who is very instrumental in raising funds for constructing a number of church buildings like the one in this picture. Eugene leading a Seminar. School ministry at a Senior Secondary School in Kumasi.

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