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RPM Announces New Website
Reach the People Ministries (RPM) launched its web site on Saturday, September 1, 2007, with a fresh new look. rpmread more

Kunsu Project Report - (video report)
We took the Gospel of Christ to 16 towns and villages in the Kunsu District, near Dwinyama in the Ashanti Region. rpmread more

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Reaching Africa's youth with the Salvation message of God
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Celebrating 20 years. A look back.

Eugene Narh preaching to crowds gathered at a film crusade

Audio-Visual Evangelism
Through Film Shows, Drama Skits, etc, we present the Gospel in a clear and persuasive manner to all who attend the crusades. Audio-visual evangelism has, over the years, proven to be an effective method of witnessing to entire villages and townships. Learn more by going through the pictures below.

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stories through pictures
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Leadership and Discipleship Training LEADERSHIP & DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING

Here are some of the tools and gadgets that assist to make a Crusade highly successful in the unreached hinterland areas. A petrol-powered electric generator(in blue), 16mm Film Projector, Movie reels, cables, loudspeaker horns, collapsible projector screen, etc, and a rugged 4x4 Truck to carry all the equipment through rough and unpaved roads.
Film equipment...

Some of the tools we use in reaching the unreached and unchurched. A petrol-powered electric generator(in blue), 16mm Film Projector, Movie reels, cables, loudspeaker horns, collapsible projector screen, etc, and a rugged 4x4 Truck to carry all the equipment through rough and unpaved roads.
Crusade equipment..

Eugene demonstrates how to run the film projector to the World Vision national Director Dr. Joe Riverson(in the middle of the picture) at the World Vision International Ghana offices.
At World Vision International.

Truckload of equipment, ready to head out and win souls for Christ
Loaded and ready to go..

At the crusade grounds, we unload our equipment from the truck and begin the setup process.
At crusade grounds..

Carrying our evangelism equipment through a thick and dense rain forest in the Eastern region of Ghana to reach a village far removed from the mainstream population.
No vehicles allowed..

Walking on foot through thick Ghanaian forests to our destination village.
Carrying equipment..

Unloading equipment
Unloading equipment..

Loading film equipment and personal effects.
Loading equipment..

Unloading Audio-visual equipment on location
Unloading Equipment..

Carrying mission equipment by foot is very frequent
Completing journey by foot..

Early days of RPM. Eugene sets up this screen with creative ingenuity by using calico cloth and bamboo sticks
Setting up screen..

Early Days of the Ministry - Eugene sets up the projection screen by tying cloth to bamboo sticks.
Working on screen..

Fastening the screen to make it withstand wind currents
Fastening screen..

Film projector screen is fitted and ready to be put up
Setting projector screen..

Getting the setup ready for the crusade
The anticipation..

Projector screen setup
Film Projector screen..

Gabriel works to connect the loudspeaker horns and the rest of the filmshow equipment.
Gabriel setting up speakers..

Large numbers of people gather at the filmshow site to watch the free show.
Gathered for the crusade..

Crowd gathered and attentively watching the film in their own native language.
Attentively watching...

Evangelism through drama
Evangelism through drama..

Eugene partakes in drama skit at an evening crusade
Evangelism through drama ..

Eugene interpreting drama skit. YWAM Drama Skit
Eugene interprets Drama skit

Filmshow crusade
Film show crusade..

Film Show Crusade
Evening crusade..

Eugene preaching to the crowd after the filmshow.
Eugene preaching..

Accepting Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior
Accepting Jesus..

Children accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior
Praying for the children..

Accepting Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour
Accepting Jesus as personal..

Eugene and his family in a drama scene
Drama skit ..

Eugene in a drama scene
Eugene in a drama scene ..

Eugene leads new converts to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.
Eugene leading in prayer

Film crusade audience.
Film crusade audience ..

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